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Our heart



We all need companionship and in our fast paced world it is often difficult to meet the right person at the right time. Work commitments often limit our social time and more often than not online dating can leave you wasting time with the wrong people! It is for this reason that Oh Hi has been created.

We facilitate matchmaking through a strict approval process, ensuring people of the same values become members. This gives them the opportunity to meet online or at one of our events.

Our beliefs

When it comes to dating, Oh hi! believes the following:

Our story

Dating with the intent of

getting married

Connecting people with the same values (interests are nice but can always change)

Meeting the right person

at the right time

Oh Hi! was found by Lea Botha

In February 2009 she met Dawid, 3 months later they were engaged and another 4 months later they tied the knot. Now - 7 years, 4 kids, 1 dog and 2 cats later - she can't imagine a better, more blessed life. They live happily on a beautiful farm just outside Franschhoek.

She’s always liked love stories and is fondly known by her friends to always want to set up any singles people. In 2015 she felt it in my heart to arrange a Singles Event for all the amazing single people she knew. Creating a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere for single people to meet and connect. Several people from that very first event ended up getting engaged and married which fueled the passion behind Oh hi! matchmaking.

Today Lea finds herself in a different season on a journey diverged form Oh hi, as the Father has layed out for her and has entrusted Sune Basson with Oh hi!

Meet Sune Basson

Sune has felt a desire to find ways for Christian singles to meet for a long time. When the opportunity to take over Oh Hi came along her path she grabbed the opportunity. She loves creating new things and dreaming big and believes that Oh Hi can be the “missing” platform that has so been needed.

She believes that marriage is about God at the centre, living for His glory. She also believes that love is a choice and therefore encourages commitment to this type of platform as a step towards making that choice.